Ice & Heat Applications

Posted Jun 13, 2019 by Clinic Beat

Ice is an effective and natural pain killer and anti-inflammatory.

Ice should be applied over the inflamed area in the acute or early stages of your problem. (See below for application)

Whenever you experience swelling, redness or sharp / stabbing pain it is generally considered best to apply ice. Repeat until symptoms ease – usually for 24 – 48 hours.

Following this you should alternate with ice and heat. If in doubt, contact your Osteopath.

  • Place ice cubes in a plastic bag or use a professionally prepared ice pack.
  • Place a damp face washer or tea towel over the problem area then place the ice pack on the material covering.
  • The first application should be as follows:-
    • 10 minutes on
      10 minutes off
    • 10 minutes on
      10 minutes off
    • 10 minutes on
  • Then during waking hours, apply the ice pack every 2 hours, or as indicated by your Osteopath.

Heat is an effective therapy for reducing muscular tension and pain and is best used AFTER the initial inflammation has subsided.

N.B. If you do not have ice immediately available, then use a pack of frozen peas or similar item.

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