Degen Cracknell

BSc.(Cli.Sci.),M.Health Sci.(Osteo)


The body has amazing coping mechanisms and homeostasis to deal with the stresses of life that may be encountered. With lack of good healthy exercise and diet we get weak, and lack of use also allows risk that our body can get lazy in the way it moves and opens itself up to strain or injury. Through managing your health, treatment and exercise you can correct, manage and / or prevent many of these conditions.

Degen has practiced on the Sunshine Coast and in Gympie for 20 years. He qualified as an Osteopath in 1999 from Victoria University in Melbourne with a Master in Osteopathy. According to Degen the 5 year university course in Osteopathy was one of the hardest things he’s ever undertaken, a close second to having kids. He worked with disability services for 5 years over that time and spent 6 months in Caritas Christi hospice and St Vincent’s hospital. Like all things challenging, this period provided Degen with one of the most amazing growing experiences imaginable.

Degen now runs his own practice in Noosa Heads and is loving the challenge of helping his clients to enjoy life more by being healthier. He has always wanted to help people and came to realise that there are so many people that barely get by having to live with daily pain. Recognising this is not good, and in today’s day and age totally unnecessary for anyone to live this way, and worse still, accept it as normal.

Degen teaches clients that by letting their jobs, posture and sedentary lifestyles take control of them they’re impact in ways they may not even consider.


Osteopathic health management in Noosa on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

07 3041 6446

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